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Timetable for semester

for academic year 2014/2015

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  • Sunday 3.08.2014

Organization of the academic year 2013/2014

Organization of the academic year 2013/2014

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  • Tuesday 18.06.2013

Organization of the academic year 2014/2015

Organization of the academic year 2014/2015

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  • Thursday 5.06.2014

Vet workshop in Warsaw, 10-12 April 2014

Interview with Dr. Maciej Klockiewicz

1) What are your reflections on the Welfare workshops?

I attended a workshop in Budapest (2011) and I wanted to have a similar event for Polish vets. I presented my opinion to the board of Polish National Veterinary Chamber and the idea was very welcomed. A few months later I met Nancy [...]

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  • Friday 25.07.2014

A study on the welfare of dogs and cats

The European Commission has commissioned a study on the welfare of dogs and cats involved in commercial practices in EU Member States.

The purpose of the study is to collect and analyse information on breeding, keeping and trade of dogs and cats in European Member States, and import and export to third countries. [...]

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  • Friday 25.07.2014

Cumann Warszawa Gaelic Football Club

Witam, Fáilte, Welcome to Warsaw 2014!
Cumann Warszawa is honoured to host the third round of the 2014 Central and Eastern European Football Championship on Saturday 21st June. We are delighted to invite you to what will be a day of passion and skill, played in front of a crowd eager to see some live Gaelic [...]

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  • Wednesday 18.06.2014

Cumann Warsawa Gaelic football tournament Saturday 21st June in AWF

(Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego)
Ul Marymoncka 34
00-968 Warszawa 45
Involves students from all the International Veterinary medicine years
We would be happy to see as many supporters as possible come out and see Gaelic football first hand
Starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm
Finals from 3pm -5pm

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  • Wednesday 18.06.2014

Biostatistics – Final test

Test for groups 1 & 2 will take place on Monday, June 16, 2014:

Group 1. – 2.00 o’clock,

Group 2. – 2.45 o’clock.

Test for groups 3 & 4 will take place on Tuesday, June 17, 2014:

Group 3. – 2.00 o’clock,

Group 4. – 2.45 o’clock.

Good luck!

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  • Tuesday 10.06.2014

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