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The absences

Dear Students, I remind you that the right to 20% absences is not the requirement to take 20% absences from classes. This allowance should be regarded as a reserve against unpredicted situations that might happen un-planned (including sickness, family disaster, etc.). It does not mean that you have right to 20% of absences extra of […]

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  • Monday 4.06.2018

A new network to combat anthelmintic resistance in livestock

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  • Monday 28.05.2018

Archery picnic 2nd years

Last weekend (20.05.18) Dr. Sadkowski invited a group of international veterinary students from the 2nd year, to join in an archery event along with a BBQ picnic. We all met in a beautiful green area near the Vistula river, with Dr. Sadkowski providing all of the necessary equipment and us, the students, bringing the food. […]

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  • Friday 25.05.2018

Invitation to participate in the study

Dear Student, You are invited to participate in a research. Institute for Socio-Economic Enquiry on behalf of Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange conducts research among foreign students in Poland. The aim of this study is to learn about the students’ experience and problems they possibly face when looking for the appropriate university as well […]

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  • Tuesday 15.05.2018

Archery & BBQ Picnic

“Last saturday (21.04.2018) we, a group of international students from the 3rd year, had the pleasure of being given the first lesson in archery by Dr. Sadkowski. The sun was warming, the barbecues overfilled with delicious burgers and sausages, and the arrows flew. All in all the day was a very good way to draw […]

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  • Monday 14.05.2018

ECSRHM specialization exam

ECSRHM specialization exam October 5-6 2018 Warsaw

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  • Monday 14.05.2018

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