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Archery picnic 2nd years

Friday 25.05.2018

Last weekend (20.05.18) Dr. Sadkowski invited a group of international veterinary students from the 2nd year, to join in an archery event along with a BBQ picnic. We all met in a beautiful green area near the Vistula river, with Dr. Sadkowski providing all of the necessary equipment and us, the students, bringing the food. Once we were all there, Dr. Sadkowski and his son Maciek started showing us the ropes (really the bows and arrows) while some of us started up the grill. Within a quick half an hour we had all had our first taste of the profound sport of archery. While others continued to practice some of us started preparing food and enjoying the beautiful weather, including playing Hurling provided by a couple of students. 

After a couple hours of practice, Dr. Sadkowski proposed a competition involving shooting a target at three different distances and lastly shooting a balloon. The three students with the highest points received prizes provided by the Deans office for international students. The fun competitiveness between friends was the perfect way to end the day. A big thank you to Dr. Sadkowski for his time and knowledge as well as his equipment, and to the Deans office for the prizes. We look forward to being able to practice archery again soon!

The event featured: Dr. Sadkowski, Maciek Sadek, Jessica Warwick, Ciara Ryan, Orla Forde (who both provided Hurling), Janmay Vyas, Niamh Fahy, Lisa Zukovič, Yun Yin Tan, Maayan Yifrach, Thea Storvik, and Emily Stagmeier


Emily Stagmeier

Photo Credits: Orla Forde and Janmay Vyas


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