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OFFICE 365 (MS Teams)

Thursday 4.06.2020

Basic Information about the Service

Each student has a University e-mail account in the Microsoft 365 service (also known as Office 365). Accounts created automatically based on the active status of a student in the dean’s office system.

The Microsoft 365 service includes a number of online applications – their service and communication takes place via a web browser from virtually any place and device with Internet access:

E-mail with Outlook – users get 50GB of space for their correspondence;
OneDrive service, which is a data warehouse “in the cloud” (users get 1TB of space to save their data);
Online MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) that allow you to create and edit online documents; ;
Teams as a hub for group work (chat, online meetings);
ClassNotebook – for taking notes and sharing content;
SharePoint – web application platform;
Sway – an application that allows you to easily create and share interactive reports and presentations;
Forms – a service that allows you to easily create surveys, tests and polls as well as share and fill them out;
Delve – an application that allows you to navigate, search, organize and view documents available “for us” in the Office 365 service in one place;
Stream – allows you to upload, view and share videos;
Planner – supporting task planning.
Most of the services have their versions for mobile devices.

Activation and access to Office 365
To activate your e-mail account, go to the website
Important: we choose the “I forgot my password” option, and then in the e-mail address field, enter the e-mail address provided during registration for studies. In response to the address provided by us, we will receive an e-mail with a link to reset the password.

To access your MS Office 365 mailbox via a web browser, log on to the website
Important: student mailboxes have the following syntax: where XXXXXX is the album number supplemented with “0” up to 6 characters, for album number 1999 it will be s001999.

More information about logging in and using Microsoft 365 can be found on the website

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