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Organization of winter examination session

Tuesday 25.01.2022

Dear All Members of Academic Comunity of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,


In reference to the announcement of the Vice Rector for the Didactics, published on the University’s website at, I would like to inform you that semester assessments and exams, during which the practical elements of learning are not verified, should be conducted remotely.  


The above guidelines do not apply to subjects/modules, the purpose of which is to provide practical skills. The specific nature of veterinary medicine, where education is regulated by a standard that also specifies the maximum number of ECTS credits that can be obtained using distance learning methods and techniques, means that not all learning outcomes can be verified remotely.


I share your concern about the increasing number of infections, however, the education of a veterinary surgeon includes a set of practical skills that cannot be mastered without direct contact with the specimen, patient or diagnostic equipment under the supervision of experienced academic teachers.  


Undoubtedly, we are dealing with an unusual situation, which requires all of us to strictly obey the binding orders and restrictions. Responsible behavior, however, allows to limit the effects of the pandemic, so I would like to thank most of you for your cooperation in the field of compliance with sanitary regulations and a kind and constructive approach to the constantly emerging problems.


Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Michał Skibniewski


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