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Study Curriculum

Thursday 10.10.2019

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FVM Academic syllabus & timetable

Thursday 27.09.2018

last update date:  February 21st, 2022

Year 1   Syllabus S1   Timetable S1

Year 1   Syllabus S2   Timetable S2

Year 2   Syllabus S3   Timetable S3

Year 2   Syllabus S4   Timetable S4

Year 3   Syllabus S5   Timetable S5

Year 3   Syllabus S6   Timetable S6

Year 4   Syllabus S7   Timetable S7

Year 4   Syllabus S8   Timetable S8

Year 5   Syllabus S9   Timetable S9

Year 6   Syllabus S10   Timetable S10

Year 6   Syllabus S11   Timetable S11



Thursday 27.09.2012


Timetable for semester 1,3,5,7,9,11 for academic year 2012/2013

Organization of the academic year 2009/2010

Saturday 6.02.2010

Attachment no 1.

Regarding Rectors disposition no. 17,

 29th of Jun 2009,

on organization of academic year 2009/2010



Organization of the academic year 2009/2010

For the students of Warsaw University of Life Sciences






Solemnly Inauguration of the Academic Year of 2009/2008

will take place on 30th of September 2009 at

11.00 a.m. in “Crystal Hall” (“Aula Kryszalowa”, building no. 9)

3 p.m. (15:00) in the Hall at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (building no. 24)





The terms concerning stationary studies are as follows:



  • Students who participated in summer husbandry practice are obliged to pass an exam no later than 6th of October 2009.
  • An organization day for 1st year students is on 2.10.2009



  1. 1.      Courses:

Winter semester:                   01.10.2009 -22.01.2010

Summer semester:                  15.02.2010-10.06.2010


  1. 2.      Examination session

Winter                                    25.01.2010-06.02.2010

Summer                                  11.06.2010-25.06.2010

Autumn                                   06.09.2010-17.09.2010


  1. 3.      Break-leaves

Winter                                    24.12.2009-31.2009

Inter semester                        8.02.2010-13.02.2010

Spring                                      01.04.2010-07.04.2010

Days of SGGW                                     14, 15.05.2010

Rector hours                            30.10.2010 from 12 o’clock


  1. Details of organization of academic year according to schedule, study program, practice and other obligations will be given by the dean of each faculty after consulting with students’ self-management. It will be announced before the beginning of each semester.
  2.  Details of study program and schedule are announced by the deans to students of each year before the beginning of the academic year.
  3. In order to complete an academic year a student needs to pass an after practice exam and have a mark in an Index. The exam needs to be taken no later than 17th of September 2010






The terms concerning nonstationary studies are as follows:


  1. Didactic activities are taking place according to schedule of conventions given in attachment no 2.
  2. The deans can change the date of the beginning of the conventions during winter semester as well as the term of the examination session in summer semester basing on an agreement with students’ representative under the condition that the study program will be completed.
  3. Details of dates of  exams are settled by Vice-Deans for nonstationary studies.
  4. Terms of didactic activities,  conventions and exam sessions for studies not mentioned in attachment no.2 are settled by the dean of each faculty or head of the studies.




The terms concerning postgraduate nonstationary studies are settled by the dean of each faculty or head of the studies.

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