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Year VI

Friday 7.03.2014

Year VI semester 11


Obligatory subjects

Planning Syllabus

Rotation- Laboratory diagnostics

Herd health management

Facultative subjects

Planning Syllabus

Cardiology diagnostics in small animals

Communications and negotiations skills in veterinary practice

Small animal bone and joint surgery

Exotic animal diseases

Small animal oncology


Small animal dentistry

Clinical cases small animals internal diseases and neurology 

Clinical course of dog and cat surgery,

Clinical course of dog and cat obstetrics,

Management of veterinary practice

Clinical course of exotic animal diseases (ZOO)


Neurology clinical cases

Ultrasound diagnostics in companion animals
Principles in Equine Surgery
Mastitis prevention and treatment in dairy herds.
Introduction to cynology and dog shows essentials
Herd health management in small ruminants
Herd health management and clinical cases in cattle
Ultrasound diagnostics of the reproductive tract in farm animals
Daily clinical practice
Equine diseases – clinical cases
Common surgical procedures in horses
Surgery of genital organs of dogs and cats (solo castration)    
Intensive care of dogs and cats    
From symptoms to diagnosis – advanced    
Small animal dermatology    

Individual research project, completed with dissertation




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