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BOOKS Exhibition

Tuesday 26.02.2019

February 26th (Tuesday)
March 7th (Thursday)
9.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

Building 22 (Small Animal Clinic)
Nowoursynowska St. 159 C (Hall)

Books for students, veterinary textbooks and many more
Medicine & Life Sciences related publications.

The organization of the academic year 2018/2019 – Annex No. 1 to Order No. 15

Monday 26.11.2018

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Foreign Student Survey regarding studies in Poland

Monday 26.11.2018

Dear Student!

This survey was prepared by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (Narodowa Agencja Wymiany Akademickiej, NAWA). NAWA was established by the Polish government in October 2017 to strengthen the potential of Polish science and higher education by supporting international exchange and cooperation. Through this survey, we would like to ask you about your experience and opinion about studying in Poland. It is of great importance for us to constantly improve the quality of study offer of Polish universities for foreign students. Participating in this survey is anonymous and it will take you max. 10 minutes.

This questionnaire is intended for foreign students. If you are Polish student, please do not participate in the survey and visit our Facebook profile instead 🙂

FVE scholarship announcement 2018

Thursday 18.10.2018

Dear EAEVE Member,

As you may know, FVE has announced the Veterinary Students Scholarship Program 2018 granting $5.000 scholarship for 36 students. 
The aim of the new 2018 Scholarship is to enhance the academic path and experience of 36 veterinary students (2nd -3rd year from EU Veterinary Faculties across Europe) taking into consideration their diversity and financial needs.

The EAEVE Office was informed, that unfortunately the response rate for the Scholarship Program is very low, and that only a few applications have arrived so far. 
In order to raise awareness of this matter, we would be most grateful if You could kindly circulate the announcement in Your Faculty. (Please find attached.)

Thank you very much for your consideration and cooperation in advance.

With Best Wishes,
Ibolya Kószó

Election of students’ representatives to the Council of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Monday 8.10.2018

Election of students’ representatives to the Council of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Monday, October 15th 2018 at 4pm
building 24, Aula 3

Selection of candidates and election–open for Polish and International FVM Students

Chair of Faculty’s Election Commission
GrażynaTopolska, Associate Professor

Chair of the Faculty’s Students’ Council KatarzynaOpałczyńska

Zoo, Exotic and Wildlife Anaesthesia Course

Sunday 26.08.2018

The Warsaw Zoo, Estonian University of Life Sciences,
and Tsavran Pharmaceuticals


Zoo, Exotic and Wildlife Anaesthesia Course
14th of October – 20th of October 2018
in Warsaw , Poland

Overview and Target
This is a five-day intensive, theoretical and hands-on experience for
veterinarians addressing aspects of capture, immobilization, anaesthesia
and post procedural care of zoo and wild animals.


Click to see more details

The organization of the academic year 2018/2019

Monday 16.07.2018

Annex No. 1 to Order No. 15
Rector of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences
of 4 June 2018 regarding the organization of the academic year 2018/2019


  1. The inauguration of the academic year 2018/2019 will take place on September 28, 2018.
  2. The detailed organization of the academic year resulting from the plan and program of studies, containing a list of subjects, practices and other duties, is determined by the Dean of the Faculty after consultation with the student government body and announced at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the semesters.
  3. Deans of the Faculties, after consulting the student self-government body, may change the dates of starting the didactic classes in the winter semester as well as the dates of the examination sessions in the summer semester, while maintaining the full implementation of the plan and program of studies.

*The date of summer retake may be changed following student’s petition


Tuesday 3.07.2018

27-28th SEPTEMPER 2018

The Scientific Circle of Veterinary Students at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw is
very pleased to invite Students and PhD Students to participate in the 4th International Scientific
Conference of the Veterinary Medicine Students, which will be held in the Warsaw Univeristy of
Life Sciences, Warsaw at 27-28th September 2018. The Congress will be an opportunity to present
the Students’ and PhD Students’ research and updating the knowledge in basic/preclinical and
clinical sciences.

The absences

Monday 4.06.2018

Dear Students,

I remind you that the right to 20% absences is not the requirement to take 20% absences from classes. This allowance should be regarded as a reserve against unpredicted situations that might happen un-planned (including sickness, family disaster, etc.). It does not mean that you have right to 20% of absences extra of those situations even if you have medical or other type of leave. Please be informed that from the next academic year (2018-2019), this absence allowance will be strictly enforced, especially regarding pathomorphology and pathophysiology.


Michal M. Godlewski

Vice-Dean for international Studies

A new network to combat anthelmintic resistance in livestock

Monday 28.05.2018

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