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Seasonal Greetings – Vice-Rector prof. Marta Mendel

Wednesday 23.12.2020

The new timetable (2020.11.25)

Wednesday 25.11.2020

Guidance concerning SARS-CoV-2 infection

Monday 26.10.2020

The new timetable (2020.10.23)

Friday 23.10.2020

The new timetable is available on the website:

COVID-19 Stricter safety regulations introduced

Friday 23.10.2020

Stricter safety regulations introduced. The whole territory of Poland in the red zone from October 24th

Guidelines for red zone area:

  • wearing face masks in public space obligatory all over Poland
  • limitations in public transport kept: 50% seats or 30% of all occupied
  • limiting the number of people in retail outlets depending on the size of the store: for stores with an area of up to 100 sq m. – 5 people per cash desk, and for stores over 100 sq m of space – 1 person per 15 sq m
  • “senior hours” in stores continued, between 10:00 and 12:00 a.m. only people over 60 will be served; people aged 70 and over are advised to not leave the house unless it is necessary
  • ban on meetings, gatherings of more than five people (exceptions applied to people living together and staying in groups for work purposes)
  • 1 person in 7 sq m during religious ceremonies, face masks and at least 1,5 m distance between participants required.
  • ban on the organization of special events (weddings, consolations, etc.)
  • restaurants and bars are closed – takeout and delivery sales only allowed, the restriction continues for the next two weeks with the provision to extended
  • swimming pools, aquaparks, gyms, sanatorium are closed.
  • in primary schools (4-8 grade), secondary schools and universities remote teaching applied; pupils in grades 1-3 will continue to study in class, kindergartens and nurseries remain open
  • children and adolescents up to 16 years of age will not be allowed to leave the house on their own, only under the supervision of an adult; the ban will apply from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekdays (Monday to Friday).



ReThink Protein Challenge

Thursday 22.10.2020

Take up the Challenge,
make a difference!

At Wageningen University & Research top scientists and students from all over the world join forces to work on projects that make a difference to ‘the quality of life’. We live and breathe sustainability and therefore realise that, to ensure a better future, a protein transition will be no less important than the current energy transition. This is why we do cutting-edge research: redesigning food systems, developing new protein sources from plants and microbes, and improving the quality of meat and dairy alternatives. Now we invite you to make change happen with us. Join the ReThink Protein Challenge’2 and make a difference!

Join the ReThink Protein Challenge ‘2 and make a difference!


Invitation to the ELLS conference: registration until November 1

Thursday 22.10.2020
The Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) and University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, invite all students from ELLS universities to join the ELLS Scientific Student Conference taking place in Vienna from Nov 20th – Nov 21st, 2020. The aim of this conference is to encourage you as a student within the field of Life Sciences to engage with one another, exchange ideas and discuss your own research related to the topic ‘The World of Tomorrow – A Green and Sustainable Society’ and the four subthemes listed below.

Subthemes of the Scientific Student Conference

  • Green innovation and technology
  • Circular and bio based economy
  • Rural and urban development for thriving communities
  • Food and health for the next generation 

Szczegóły, link do rejestreacji:

COVID-19 – cover your mouth and nose with a mask

Wednesday 14.10.2020

Dear Students, 

We would like to remind you that until further notice you are obliged to cover your mouth and nose with a mask, face shield or clothing

 in generally accessible places, including: 

  1. a) on roads and squares, in cemeteries, promenades, boulevards, parking places, forests, parking lots, 
  2. b) on the common real estate, public places  
  3. c) in dormitories, workplaces and in public utility buildings intended for the needs of: public administration, justice, culture, religious worship, education, higher education, science, education, health, social or social care, banking services, trade, gastronomy, services, including postal or telecommunications services, tourism, sports, passenger service in rail, road, air, sea or inland waterway transport. 


Stay safe and sound!

Lecture: The COVID-19 Pandemic – what we think we know and still need to find out?

Thursday 8.10.2020
Barry T. Rouse, University of Tennessee
The COVID-19 Pandemic – what we think we know and still need to find out?
Head of the Department of Preclinical Sciences at IMW SGGW

Winter semester 2020/2021

Tuesday 29.09.2020

Note: schedule may change due to epidemiological situation



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