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The absences

Monday 4.06.2018

Dear Students,

I remind you that the right to 20% absences is not the requirement to take 20% absences from classes. This allowance should be regarded as a reserve against unpredicted situations that might happen un-planned (including sickness, family disaster, etc.). It does not mean that you have right to 20% of absences extra of those situations even if you have medical or other type of leave. Please be informed that from the next academic year (2018-2019), this absence allowance will be strictly enforced, especially regarding pathomorphology and pathophysiology.


Michal M. Godlewski

Vice-Dean for international Studies

A new network to combat anthelmintic resistance in livestock

Monday 28.05.2018

Archery picnic 2nd years

Friday 25.05.2018

Last weekend (20.05.18) Dr. Sadkowski invited a group of international veterinary students from the 2nd year, to join in an archery event along with a BBQ picnic. We all met in a beautiful green area near the Vistula river, with Dr. Sadkowski providing all of the necessary equipment and us, the students, bringing the food. Once we were all there, Dr. Sadkowski and his son Maciek started showing us the ropes (really the bows and arrows) while some of us started up the grill. Within a quick half an hour we had all had our first taste of the profound sport of archery. While others continued to practice some of us started preparing food and enjoying the beautiful weather, including playing Hurling provided by a couple of students. 

After a couple hours of practice, Dr. Sadkowski proposed a competition involving shooting a target at three different distances and lastly shooting a balloon. The three students with the highest points received prizes provided by the Deans office for international students. The fun competitiveness between friends was the perfect way to end the day. A big thank you to Dr. Sadkowski for his time and knowledge as well as his equipment, and to the Deans office for the prizes. We look forward to being able to practice archery again soon!

The event featured: Dr. Sadkowski, Maciek Sadek, Jessica Warwick, Ciara Ryan, Orla Forde (who both provided Hurling), Janmay Vyas, Niamh Fahy, Lisa Zukovič, Yun Yin Tan, Maayan Yifrach, Thea Storvik, and Emily Stagmeier


Emily Stagmeier

Photo Credits: Orla Forde and Janmay Vyas


Invitation to participate in the study

Tuesday 15.05.2018

Dear Student,

You are invited to participate in a research.

Institute for Socio-Economic Enquiry on behalf of Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange conducts research among foreign students in Poland.

The aim of this study is to learn about the students’ experience and problems they possibly face when looking for the appropriate university as well as after their arrival to Poland, in the process of studying.

The research has a form of group discussions held in English in Warsaw city centre.

We encourage you to take part in this research to contribute to the process of improving the conditions of studying in Poland. All the discussions will take place in May in convenient location in the centre of Warsaw.

Participants will be rewarded,

If you are interested, please go to the website and fill in the form. We will contact you and set up the meeting.

With kind regards,

Joanna Konieczna-Sałamatin

Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw Institute for Socio-Economic Enquiry

Archery & BBQ Picnic

Monday 14.05.2018

“Last saturday (21.04.2018) we, a group of international students from the 3rd year, had the pleasure of being given the first lesson in archery by Dr. Sadkowski. The sun was warming, the barbecues overfilled with delicious burgers and sausages, and the arrows flew.

All in all the day was a very good way to draw our attention away from exams and instead fill it with laughter and fun, a big thanks to Dr. Sadkowski for arranging and bringing equipment, and to the Deans office of international students for providing the prizes for the competition.”

Roy Stillingen


ECSRHM specialization exam

Monday 14.05.2018

ECSRHM specialization exam
October 5-6 2018

Darkness Into Light

Tuesday 17.04.2018

STOP the stigma. Register now for Darkness Into Light or donate today! Our campaign page is here: #DIL2018 

Registration for Darkness into Light will take place in Building 24 on Wednesday 18th of April between 10-14 outside of the copy room.

Please bring along your visa or credit card as registration will be made online and cash is not handled for this process.

We would love for all students from both the Polish and English Division to participate as well as any friends or family from outside of the University. All people are welcome to join us! 

Our aim is to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention in both Ireland and here in Poland. 50% of our donations will be going to a Polish Charity with the same ethos as our Irish Charity- Pieta House.

For more information please dont hesitate to contact us at:


Adult- 100zl

Senior(65+)- 80zl

Student (18+)- 80zl

Kid(6-17)- 20zl

Kids under 6 are free!

Books Exhibition

Sunday 25.02.2018


Tuesday 20.02.2018

Timetable for semester

1, 2
3, 4
5, 6
7, 8
9, 10

for academic year 2017/2018



Wednesday 22.11.2017

PREPARE-VET vet school poster

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