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The lectures on the diseases of foals and adult horses

Monday 9.09.2019

Laboratory of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics,

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Warsaw University of Life Sciences

and Warsaw Division of Polish Society of Veterinary Sciences

are pleased to invite the students, academic staff and the members of Polish Society of Veterinary Sciences to the lectures on the diseases of foals and adult horses.

The lectures will be held at 4th October (Friday)

10.15 a.m. – 12.00 p.m. in Aula 4 (2nd floor), building No.23 (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Faculty of Animal Sciences).

Lectures will be presented in English.

The organization of the academic year 2019/2020

Tuesday 9.07.2019

Download PDF file 

Prof. Kobus Eloff lecture “Success stories in using plant extracts for animal health in South Africa”

Monday 10.06.2019


to the lecture

“Success stories in using plant extracts for animal health in South Africa”

given by Prof. Kobus Eloff from University of Pretoria, South Africa

Prof. Kobus Eloff is the founder of the interdisciplinary Phytomedicine Programme at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria concentrating on using plants selected by focused screening and ethnoveterinary knowledge, to treat infections/infestations by microorganisms and parasites on production animals.

He wrote more than 315 peer evaluated scientific publications which were cited over 12,000 times!

Prof. Eloff is an excellent teacher, great speaker and a very charming person!

I would like to encourage everyone to take this unique opportunity and participate in his inspiring lecture on June, 18th at 12 pm. The lecture will take place in room 2072, building 23.

dr hab. Marta Mendel

EAEVE Commission’s visitation at FVM

Friday 10.05.2019

The following week, on May 13th-17th 2019, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine WULS-SGGW will be hosting a visitation of the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE).

The purpose of the visit is to assess the quality of education at our Faculty and to define whether it meets the standards adopted in the European Union. The assessment will be based on the Faculty’s Self Evaluation Report as well as on the results of the in site visit, including the meetings with the staff and the students. This will be a very important event for the Faculty and we will do our best to make sure the results of the  visitation meet our hopes and expectations.

 Please, find the detailed timetable of the visit on the Faculty’s website (download the file below)

We would like to point out that on Tuesday, May 14th, the Commission will be visiting all the Faculty’s Departments together with the Clinics of Small and Large Animals. On Thursday May 16th we would like to invite the employees and the students to participate in meetings dedicated to specific groups:

8:30-09:30 meeting with Academic and Scientific Staff

9:30-10:30 meeting with PhD Students and Interns

10:45-11:15 meeting with Support Staff (technical, laboratory, administrative, nursing, IT)

11:15-12:15 meeting with undergraduate students (several students from each year/semester of the curriculum, including students on eventual foreign language tracks)

12:15-13:00 open session in confidence for individuals (staff and students)

All Thursday’s meetings will take place in the Faculty’s Council meeting room, building 24, 1st floor.

EAEVE Visitation May 2019 TIMETABLE – download the file

Challenges of studies in English – participation in survey

Thursday 9.05.2019

Challenges of studies in English – participation in survey

We would like to encourage students and teachers to participate in survey about Challenges of studies in English.

The survey is conducted by Agata Mikołajewska  a PhD student at University College London (UCL). The purpose of the survey  is to identify challenges associated with studying and teaching in English.


More info about the study:

Participation in the study involves completing an online questionnaire (which takes up to 15 minutes).

Students and lecturers eligible for participation are:

Students who:

(1)    study on a degree programme taught fully in English at a university in Poland
(at bachelors, masters or doctoral level)

(2)    are not native speakers of English

(3)    do not study English Philology or American Studies

Lecturers who:

(1)    teach on degree programmes in English at a university in Poland
(at bachelors, masters or doctoral level)

(2)    are not native speakers of English

(3)    do not teach on English Philology or American Studies only

Link to the questionnaire for students:
Link to the questionnaire for lecturers:
Both questionnaires are available in two language versions: Polish and English. It does not matter which language version a participant chooses.

Students taking part in the study have a chance to win one of three prizes (20 PLN each).
The online questionnaire is anonymous, and the study gained ethical approval from the UCL Ethics Committee.

„STROOP- journey into the rhino horn war” special screening

Wednesday 8.05.2019

We would like to invite you for special screening with introduction by Axel Tarifa, 1st year student who worked as a volunteer in South Africa.

The film will be shown on Friday, 10 May at 5p.m. Free entry

The Darkness into light action

Tuesday 7.05.2019

The Darkness into light action will take place this Saturday (May 11th).

Below is the link to register for the event.

We encourage you to participate in the event.

BOOKS Exhibition

Tuesday 26.02.2019

February 26th (Tuesday)
March 7th (Thursday)
9.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

Building 22 (Small Animal Clinic)
Nowoursynowska St. 159 C (Hall)

Books for students, veterinary textbooks and many more
Medicine & Life Sciences related publications.

The organization of the academic year 2018/2019 – Annex No. 1 to Order No. 15

Monday 26.11.2018

Download pdf file

Foreign Student Survey regarding studies in Poland

Monday 26.11.2018

Dear Student!

This survey was prepared by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (Narodowa Agencja Wymiany Akademickiej, NAWA). NAWA was established by the Polish government in October 2017 to strengthen the potential of Polish science and higher education by supporting international exchange and cooperation. Through this survey, we would like to ask you about your experience and opinion about studying in Poland. It is of great importance for us to constantly improve the quality of study offer of Polish universities for foreign students. Participating in this survey is anonymous and it will take you max. 10 minutes.

This questionnaire is intended for foreign students. If you are Polish student, please do not participate in the survey and visit our Facebook profile instead 🙂

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