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Tuesday 7.12.2010

Medal as projected by E. Gorol and stroke in 1990 on the 150 jubilee of the School of  Veterinarians in Warsaw

1The  Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences derives directly from the Agronomic Institute situated in Burakow near Warsaw, a veterinary school founded July 17th 1824.

An edict from the year 1816 provided the legal base for establishing a practical school of veterinary medicine in the Polish Kingdom.

The school came under and was placed in the Agronomic Institute in Marymont. The studies lasted two years. Graduates found work in the army, looking after horses. The November Uprising paused the school`s activity for ten years. The School of Veterinarians, founded in 1840, was an independent academy that expanded its scholarship time from two to four years after consecutive reorganisations.

In 1889 the school`s status advanced to college. The school was moved in 1901 to a modern building complex in Grochow, that was designed exclusively for the college. During the I World War the school`s educational activity was paused and was later reactivated by founding the Veterinary Medicine Study by the Medical Faculty of the Warsaw University.

In 1927 the Senate of Warsaw University established an independent Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Warsaw University. Since then the Faculty developed dynamically until he II World War. Educational activity was re-established in the years 1946-47. The first years were dedicated to there-assembly of the Faculty personnel and removing the damage done not by war actions but building usage. During the war, the complex was used as a hospital of infectious diseases. In the year 1952 the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was moved from the Warsaw University to Warsaw Agricultural University (SGGW) . During the following years certain reorganisations of the Faculty were made. The last one was requested by the European Association of Establishments of Veterinary Education, EAEVE. The last decade is a period of rapid development, enhanced by moving the Faculty to a modern campus in Ursynów and Wolica. The scientific, diagnostic and didactic bases were upgraded and international exchange was intensified. During that time divisions of  Department  of Preclinical Sciences  received a modern  building at  Ciszewskiego street.

Departments of Morphological Sciences,  Physiological Sciences, and Food Hygiene and Public Health Protection gain fully restore space in building no 24, named after professor Barej. Department of Clinical Sciences enriched Clinic for Small Animals and Clinic for  Horses nearby Ursynów campus, in Wolica. Practices on large farm animals were possible in the not distant Obory holding. In the year 2000 the Faculty was aproved by EAEVE. Since 1992 the Faculty leads Ph.D studies in physiology, preclinic and clinic sciences, postgraduate studies since 1993. Since the academic year 2007-08,  the Faculty enables studies for foreigners in english.

1Based on the compilation by prof. dr hab. Jan Tropiło


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